In late January, I was granted a limited time to present Sod People in the Design Gallery Project space at DePaul.  I held some private viewings, and ended up with what is quickly becoming a finished project!  I think the last pieces will be ready for the next exhibition, and […]

Special Installation of Sod People

I’m working on this prose and portfolio project this summer…  My working title is The Fortuneate: Rings and Circles. In a meeting with my editor I jokingly dedicated it to the beleaguered and abandoned students of influential mentors.  Both of those temporary things have stuck, and as I enter the […]

The Fortunate

These are fresh from the Circa Circa Studio. I’m in love with them all so far… Expect some to disappear, some to be duplicated in inkjet, and others to come later! Beach Hair! Hera Splatter! Oscillator smudges! ULTRA VIOLET – ULTRAMARINE – IRON! I’m getting back into the darkroom photographic […]

Cyanotypes for summer

We’ve been working on this for over 2 years now… UPDATE AGAIN: Finally some big prints from a new old darkroom! UPDATE: Firing more pieces for the last time this summer… In December 2015 we made this video in collaboration with the  B.R.A.V.E youth group from the ARC of St. […]

Oscillators / Oscillae

  Sod People: a chapter of Ground Cover Scouting though instagram:

Sod people

Walking in a strange land is at last the only way through it, back home… We went to the highest mountain in Sardinia, and walked for a little stretch.  On walks like these I think about the path or road, and those who have walked it before me, how it […]

Walking in a strange land

I started trying to make contemporary becquerel process daguerreotypes in Fall of 2009. I think its time to start again, look what I found, lost, and then found again after my big move… Dags to be continued…

Iodine Deficient

Old man winter came knocking with his staff on my kitchen window. I let him in and froze to the bone. It may take me a long thaw in a Mediterranean climate to recover.

An unexpected visit

I made this! Go check out the project on that website, as well as the events you may attend, including AREA Issue#14 Release Wednesday, April 23 5-8PM Read/Write Library 914 N. California, Chicago, IL 60622 (just to the north of where Chicago, Grand and California intersect) AREA, short for Art, […]

AREA #14: Childhoods (KIDS!)