Chain letter from MI -UPDATED

I found this mitten shaped rock in Sardinia. It’s the shape of Michigan, but it’s no petoskey stone.

I brought it back and gave it to my parents as I usually do with a handful of little trinkets from the beach.  I trust they liked this little souvenir better than the box of cattle bones from Nevada I sent them one traveling summer.

My Dad found a potato that looked like it… and snapped a photo to send me.  Sympathetic plants and minerals abound in MI!  What do you think of this little image chain letter? Is he thinking of his trip in Idaho? What should come next in this puzzle?

This, by the way is a petoskey stone from a trip to the beach up north, many many years ago.  I found it in my parents’ garage.  Proof that they like trinkets I bring back from the beach, no?

Also, what was going on with that add campaign Wisconsin tried to pull over our hands that their fair state was shaped like the Mitten?

Some art publication recently ran a story about “UP North” being in Wisconsin too.  Um, U P, The Upper Peninsula of Michigan! We have that covered too. To be fair, it was that journalist’s first hazing in the Midwestern cabin culture, and he was probably witnessing the appropriation of symbolic imagery that Wisconsin is constantly trying to pull from my fair state. All the same, just that part of the the article made me run around shouting the same childish refrain I taught my sister when we were learning to spell – “you pee up!”

In further celebration of my fair state, here I am picking some Blue Crop Michigan Blueberries.  With all of this attention to my Italian vacation, I urge you to forget about crossing the ocean for a moment, and just cross a lake. Get thee to my homeland!

PS Do you like my hat?

">">">UPDATE – After telling him how much I liked the potato rock photo he sent me, my dad told me he just harvested an eggplant that looked like Michigan the other day.  But, we had just eaten it for lunch… Be on the look out!